Innovation is produced by exchange, collaboration and knowledge sharing between scientific communities. We are bringing together the leading minds of the international scientific community and the latest emerging scientific knowledge and practices from the most credible sources.

We deliver this refined advice to healthcare professionals, payers and patients through state-of-the-art communication channels on a global scale.

Operating from London, United Kingdom, eic² has since 2008, delivered conferences and campaigns globally to promote cross-cultural education and information across the healthcare sector. The eic² team operates across a range of specialties and leverages the insights, knowledge and expertise of its associates in assisting clients in local, national and international settings.

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    Defining a role for biopharmaceutical companies in mobile health care

    Mobile healthcare or "mHealth" is a term given to represent a broad spectrum of products and services, from wearable glucose monitors, to web-based fitness applications, to networks of dispersed health care professionals developing and executing daily treatment plans for chronically ill patients. Early reports have suggested that mHealth products and services can help provide high-quality care and a reduction in costs, particularly when managing chronic diseases.
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