What we do

Healthcare Education Content production

We develop medical education content that attracts both speakers and their audiences, increases public health awareness among key healthcare stakeholders, and engages decision makers at all levels of a healthcare system. We help scientific communities and patient organisations develop into medical education producers, sharing valuable information on how to address current medical real-life problems.

eic² helps client organisations create value for society by becoming a trusted medical education source of practice-focused content as a useful complement to the basics provided by medical universities. A key success factor is our capacity to build strong partnerships with leading healthcare professionals, scientific communities, academics, medical and patient associations, and institutions. These partnerships enable the creation of evidence-based, accurate, and credible education content. They offer complementary real-life perspectives on health care, facilitate education across peer groups, and drive international scientific collaboration.

The eic² team works together with these experts to research the most urgent educational support needs, then brings these bright and influential minds together. Our collaborators create optimised educational content from the most scientifically credible sources, updated with the latest clinical evidence. Concisely presented, our materials are ready to use in daily clinical practice, and are always customised to serve the specific educational, information needs and preferences of our target audiences.

Healthcare Education Content Delivery

Education and information content marketing is a natural fit for healthcare stakeholders. For us, healthcare content marketing is a planned programme of originating and disseminating authoritative information and education at a global scale.

Content marketing delivers value to the audience in a manner that is likely to inspire confidence in the practitioner, fuel informed word-of-mouth referrals, and connect and engage the recipient. Among the benefits for practitioners and patients, it is a marketing tool for engagement, retention, practice branding and professional reputation building.

From conferences to awareness-raising programmes and treatment guidance development, we offer a range of strategies. Using modern and sophisticated communication channels, tools and techniques, eic² builds long-lasting engagement and interactivity with professionals, patients and payers at a global scale, with the best cost-benefit ratio. 

Healthcare Association Management and Development

26 million healthcare professionals worldwide are the most influential group within the healthcare sector. At the international level, clinical evidence continues to drive the healthcare industry, its consumers and payers.

Scientific communities, professional associations, and patient advocacy groups can authoritatively recommend choices, practices and policies. Due to their vast knowledge pools and political and commercial independence, they, together with leading universities, often had seen as the only credible source of education and information on healthcare.

Our association management and consulting services assist these groups to form and develop functional communities with own strategic planning, fundraising, membership development and advocacy campaigns. We help them build on their strengths to maximize outreach and influence to global target audiences. 

In our long-term partnerships with medical associations, organisations and groups, eic² works alongside the most senior association leaders, ensuring constant focus on the association’s mission. While staying in the background, away from the limelight, eic² supports these leaders with their important visibility, value, and outreach. We help them engage with their members and develop living dialogues, thereby benefiting both group members and other stakeholders of the medical specialty and its patients.